One Year and Counting

Doug and Julie

Today my blog is not about telecom for the first time, but something more important. Today is my first wedding anniversary and that’s really all I care to talk about today. I am nearly sixty years old and still it feels really good to be having a first anniversary.

I just feel very lucky to have found a woman who completely belongs in my life. Every day with her is a good day. Everybody who has known me for a while says that I am happier than they have ever seen me, and they can tell that from the outside. I know this to be true from the inside.

This blog is due to my wife. She has inspired me to renew my vigor in working and she suggested that I do this blog to share some of the accumulated knowledge I have gained from being a consultant for many years. Being with her has given me a renewed zest for everything I do, be that gardening, work or life in general.

Before I met her I was having the thoughts that anybody my age starts to have, asking myself when I should think about retiring. But being with Julie has given me new energy and I am really enjoying work again. I have started new product lines at CCG and am looking to start more. I now look forward to the each day and to the future and wonder if I will ever retire. Work is fun again and I will keep doing this as long as it is.

And this is all due to my wife Julie. It’s great to have somebody in your life who gets you. We fit together so well that people who meet us assume we have been together a long time. We give off that very relaxed and satisfied vibe, I guess.

So today I want to thank my wife Julie for being in my life. She has made me happy in a way that I don’t think I have ever been. I think it goes to show you that it’s never too late in life to find that perfect partner. I have found mine and I could not be happier with her or with life.

So Julie, happy anniversary! I hope we have many more.