About CCG

CCG brings deep experience in almost all aspects of telecommunications. We have been in business since 1997 helping companies thrive in a competitive environment. We believe that every telecom venture ought to be able to pay for itself, and it is the focus on making sure that every project and product are cost-justified that make us different from other consultants. We think that we are one of the only firms you will find who will tell you when we think something is a bad idea.

CCG brings business, financial, planning, regulatory and engineering experience to our clients and we can make sure that all aspects of a project or issue are considered. Our highly qualified team understands the unique needs of the telecommunications marketplace, understands the barriers to entry and understands speed to market requirements. We work with our clients one-on-one to help solve problems. CCG knows what it takes to help you be effective in the competitive telecom environment.

CCG specializes in the following areas: 

Feasibility and Planning Services

         Strategic planning

         Business plan development

         Assistance with financing

         Policy and goal setting

         Profitability analysis

         Strategic alliances and partnerships

         Outsourcing strategy

Regulatory Services

         Regulatory compliance

         Certification assistance

         Interconnection agreements

         Tariff service

         Contract negotiation

Engineering Services

         Facilities-based network design and optimization

         Design of central office facilities, head end and data center facilities

         Network interconnections (ordering, provisioning, coordination & testing)

         Network implementing and ordering

         Network migration strategies

         Network & service integration

         Detailed, customized RFPs

         Vendor selection and contract management

         Network troubleshooting and upgrade procedures

Implementation Services

         Timelines, Gantt charts and project management

         Development of methods, procedures and process flow charts

         Number Portability

         Hiring and training

         Setting sales quotas and compensation

         Developing third-party relationships

         Acquisition of cable programming

         OSS/BSS integration

         CABs and billing audits

         Grant and loan compliance

         Industry-specific accounting advice

Marketing Services

         New product development

         Development of pricing, packaging and promotional programs

         Setting sales quotas and compensation

         Market research

The mission of CCG is to provide traditional and cutting-edge solutions that both support the long-term success of our clients in a competitive telecommunications environment and promote the greatest possible public access to broadband. Visit our website at www.ccgcomm.com for more information about our firm, or contact Doug Dawson at (202) 255-7689.

2 thoughts on “About CCG

  1. Hi Doug, I don’t recall a blog post from you about the technical bandwidth issues of FTTN/DSL to be built by incumbents. That vectoring and Gfast are largely ineffective technologies for long loop lengths, etc. The incumbent LECs are banging the drum that CAF2 networks will solve the rural broadband issue. My perspective is that 10/1 is the new dialup. If you have already written about this, could you send a link or consider this for a post? Thanks.


    • I don’t know that I’ve complained about only this topic in a blog, but I have said how dumb the CAF II limits are in dozens of blogs. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen the FCC do and it is a $9 billion boondoggle in giving money to the big telcos for no practical benefits in the real world. It’s probably worth another blog!


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