Facilities-based network design and optimization
We can help you design almost any network including fiber, coaxial, copper or wireless. We can help you design new networks or help you augment, optimize or upgrade existing networks.

Design of central office facilities, head end and data center facilities
We have great experience in helping you design new central offices, headend or data centers. We can help you design the most efficient layouts and help you maximize power efficiency.

Network interconnections (ordering, provisioning, coordination & testing)
We can write simple or complex ASR orders for trunks. We are experienced at helping you with collocation applications or augmentations at RBOC central offices. We can assist you with all aspects of implementing interconnections or collocation.

Network implementation and ordering
We can help you implement new networks. We can help you create forecasts and budgets. We can help you order equipment and find needed vendors.

Network migration strategies
We can help you upgrade your network to the next generation and configuration. We can help design and implementation and testing plan that will minimize network outages and interruptions.

Network & service integration
We can help you make sure that all parts of the network function well together before you build it. We can help you implement the triple-paly and other services on any network.

Detailed, customized RFPs
We can help you write, distribute and analyze RFPs for equipment or services. We can then help you negotiate a contract with the RFP winner.

Vendor selection and contract management
We can help you select vendors of all types – contractors, inspectors, equipment, services and can help you make certain that your contract with the vendor covers the bases to ensure vendor performance.

Network troubleshooting and upgrade procedures
We can help you design a troubleshooting pan that will find problems quickly. We can help you design upgrade processes that make sure that you can implement upgrades without affecting your current customers.