Regulatory compliance / Regulatory filings
One of our most popular services is our Regulatory Compliance service where we remind you of every regulatory filing that you are to make each year. We also can assist you with completing any of the filings when you don’t have the time to do them yourself.

Certification assistance
We have assisted companies to get CLEC and/or long distance authority in every state in the country. We can also help you get certified as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) when you want to apply for federal USF or grants.

Interconnection agreements
We can help you negotiate favorable interconnection agreements with other landline or wireless carriers. We have negotiated hundreds of agreements with all of the major carriers and with many smaller carriers.

Tariff service
We can create new tariffs or help you update existing tariffs for local service, long distance or access services. We have filed tariffs in every state and know the specific requirements of each state commission.

Contract Negotiation
While we are not lawyers, we can bring the practical knowledge of what you should be accomplishing with various types of industry contracts. We are experience in creating and negotiating contracts for rights-of-way, cable or municipal franchises, pole attachments, leases, vendor services, facility and bandwidth leases, partnerships with other carriers, etc.