Strategy and Planning

Strategic planning
One of our most popular products since our inception has been to conduct strategic reviews at the client site. The agenda is always tailored to what the client is most interested in learning about. We typically talk about ideas that can improve bottom line wither through introducing new products, selling products better, or improving operational efficiency.

Business plan development
We believe we have the best business plan models in the industry. Our models are done at budgetary detail and take an in-depth look at launching a new business venture. Unlike many consultants we will not paint a too rosy picture on your opportunities, but instead are conservative. We are also one of the few consultants around who will tell you when we think something is a bad idea. Unlike some other consultants we also give you the spreadsheets. We also can provide written feasibility reports aimed to educate target audiences like your Board or the public.

Assistance with financing
We know what lenders are looking for and we can help you assemble the financing packages needed to successfully get funded. We have successfully helped our clients get funded with grants, RUS loans, CoBank loans, commercial bank loans, municipal bonds, and capital leases.

Policy and goal setting
We can help your company decide where you want to go in the future. We often work with management and Boards to set help policy and direction. We can bring you the perspective of knowing how other successful companies have solved the same issues that you face.

Profitability analysis
We can help you understand which of your products are making or losing money.

Strategic alliances and partnerships
We can help you find strategic partners for new or existing ventures and can then help you form a realistic contract to achieve your goals.

Outsourcing strategy
Very few companies are capable at being good at everything required to offer complex products. We can help you determine those functions you should tackle in-house and which you should outsource.