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We are the premier full service telecommunications consulting firm and offer a wide range of services in areas like regulatory, engineering, strategy and planning, operations, budgeting, billing and many more.

Our Mission

The mission of CCG is to provide traditional and cutting-edge solutions that support the long-term success of our clients in a competitive communications environment.

Our Services

CCG offers a full range of carrier services plus many other products. We are ready to help your staff in areas like regulatory, engineering, strategy and planning, operations, budgeting, billing and more. We also offer direct operational assistance in a number of areas such as number portability, new product development, cable programming, carrier disputes, billing audits and many other areas. We have the most experienced staff in the industry. We work with our clients one-on-one to help solve problems. CCG knows what it takes to help you be effective in the competitive environment.

Our Experience

CCG brings broad experience in almost every aspect of telecommunications. We have been in business since 1997 helping companies thrive in a competitive environment. Our focus is on your profitability and bottom line and we can help you make sure that everything you do is contributing towards that goal. We also think that we are one of the only firms you will find who will tell you when we think something is a bad idea.

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Hi Doug, I don’t recall a blog post from you about the technical bandwidth issues of FTTN/DSL to be built by incumbents. That vectoring and Gfast are largely ineffective technologies for long loop lengths, etc. The incumbent LECs are banging the drum that CAF2 networks will solve the rural broadband issue. My perspective is that 10/1 is the new dialup. If you have already written about this, could you send a link or consider this for a post? Thanks.

I don’t know that I’ve complained about only this topic in a blog, but I have said how dumb the CAF II limits are in dozens of blogs. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen the FCC do and it is a $9 billion boondoggle in giving money to the big telcos for no practical benefits in the real world. It’s probably worth another blog!

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