New Member of the CCG Team

I’m happy to announce that Chris Rozycki has joined the CCG team.

Chris’s last position was as the Broadband Projects Administrator for the State of South Carolina. In that positioned Chris created, authored, and implemented a complete broadband grant program and plan that included creating the draft plan, dramatically improving State broadband mapping, creating a grant application process and forms, and a grant scoring methodology. He then worked to implement the grant program that included reviewing and scoring grant applications, refereeing challenges, conducting onsite reviews and approvals, and establishing a broadband demonstration project in an unserved rural black community. The grant program brought faster broadband, mostly fiber, to nearly 25,000 homes and businesses.

Before that, Chris has a long history in telecom policy, planning, and strategy, and worked for ISPs of all sizes. He has extensive experience in testifying with state PUCs and PSCs covering topics like inter-company compensation, industry performance standards, pricing and ratemaking, and interconnection agreement issues

If you think Chris’s talents might be on interest, you can contact him at Or reach him through CCG.


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