TiVo’s Latest Video Trend Report

TiVo just released their Q2 2017 Online Video and Pay-TV Trends Report, and as usual it’s full of interesting statistics about the cable and video industries.

They looked in detail at those without a traditional pay-TV service – the cord cutters and cord nevers. They found the following:

  • One-fourth left cable TV during the last 12 months – proof that cord cutting is a real phenomenon.
  • 7% use an antenna to get over-the-air free TV.
  • Over 85% report that they don’t have cable TV because it costs too much.
  • Almost 46% use an OTT service like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

For people that still have a cable TV subscription:

  • 53% are satisfied with the value of their cable and another 31% are very satisfied. Those percentages are higher than past quarters, possibly due to the dissatisfied cord-cutters leaving cable.
  • In a statistic that might surprise many, only 15% are dissatisfied with the value of their cable subscription.
  • 47% of households now pay between $50 – $75 per month for cable. Over 36% of households spend more than $100 per month for cable, with 10% of households spending more than $150 per month.

TiVo looked at those who plan to change TV service in the next year:

  • 6% plan to cut the cord
  • 8% plan to change to another TV provider
  • 31% say that they have thought about cutting the cord.
  • 56% would change to an a la carte TV offering that let them buy only the channels they want.
  • 39% said they would be more willing to cut the cord if there was some easy way to navigate between OTT providers.

Many are still buying premium movie channels:

  • 27% of households are buying HBO, up from 22% just a year ago.
  • 17% are buying Showtime
  • 17% are buying the Movie Channel
  • 13% buy a premium sports package
  • 13% buy Starz
  • 12% buy Cinemax

They also looked at TV viewing habits:

  • 89% of households watch TV on a daily basis
  • 67% of homes watch recorded content (DVR / DVD) content on a daily basis.
  • 63% watch OTT content on a daily basis

Households are largely loyal to a handful of content:

  • Over 80% of homes report that they watch 10 or fewer different channels of content.
  • 59% of households watch 5 or fewer different shows per week.
  • 83% of households watch 10 or fewer shows per week.

Households were asked what they like most about OTT services:

  • 59% like services where each family member can create their own profile.
  • 56% like the lower prices of the service
  • 46% like auto-play of episodes where the next show comes on automatically

TV Everywhere still doesn’t have universal acceptance

  • Just over 50% of households are aware that their cable service offers TV Everywhere
  • Just over 1/3 of households actually use TV Everywhere to watch content on cell phones, tablets, etc.

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