Timelines, Gantt charts and project management
We can help you develop and then manage detailed timelines and Gantt charts that can help you launch any new venture on schedule. We have found that clients who use of for these services launch much faster and in a more organized way than those who don’t have a detailed implementation plan.

Development of methods, procedures and process flow charts
We can help you design efficient internal processes that take the best advantage of your systems and people. We can do this for any process such as taking new orders, processing trouble reports, etc.

Number Portability
We are one of the only vendors around who offer ASR service for number portability.

Hiring and training
We can help you write job descriptions. We also can help you set and keep salaries and benefits at industry norms.

Developing third-party relationships
We can help you find the right vendor and then implement third-party relationships for such things as 911, SS7, OSS/BSS systems, outsourced help desk, etc.

Acquisition of cable programming
We can negotiate contracts directly with programmers, with NCTC or with third-party aggregators. We can help you make sure you get the line-up you want.

OSS/ BSS integration
We can help you choose a new OSS/BSS system and then integrate into your processes. We can help you develop custom applications such as customer web portals, unique billing arrangements and any other features not included in your software package.

CABs and billing audits / disputes
We can audit your CABs and customer billing systems to make sure that all deserved revenues are making to your bottom line. We are also very experienced in helping you fight CABs disputes from carriers.

Grant and loan compliance
We can help you prepare reports to comply with requirements from grant or bank financing.

Industry-specific accounting advice
We can help you establish a chart of accounts that will meet industry standards and allow to produce financial reports required by regulators or lenders.

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